MSI Blocking Zen 2 Chips on 300-Series Motherboards

One of the great things about AMD Ryzen processors is that they are supposed to work with any AM4 motherboard, regardless of chipset or series. So if you already had a first generation Ryzen system and were looking to get an upcoming Ryzen 3000 Series Zen 2 chip you could just slot it into your X370 or B350 AM4 motherboard and with a simple BIOS update you would be good to go. Well it looks like this might not be the case if you have an MSI motherboard.

msi am4 1

In a support e-mail to an X370 XPower Titanium owner MSI confirmed that it will not extend Zen 2 support to the AMD 300-series. Now it has been rumored that “Zen 2” processors have more electrical requirements than what 300-series boards offer, but we’ve heard that excuse before from Intel on their chipsets, which was proven wrong with a simple BIOS update.

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AMD has said on multiple occasions that it would not force users to upgrade to new motherboards and that socket AM4 motherboards would be backwards and forward compatible with at least four generations of Ryzen processors all the way up to 2020.

Will this not be the case with the Ryzen 3000 series? Or does MSI care more about their bottom-line than the customer?

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