MSI India Calls Radeon GPUs “Sub Par”

We talked about NVIDIA’s GeForce Partner Program earlier this month and how it could be very anti-competitive. Well it looks like we are starting to see the effects. On the MSI Gaming official Facebook page for India stated that “Nvidia currently are ahead in the GPU experience”, suggesting the competition (from AMD) is sub-par.

Further down in the comment thread one user asks “Does this programme mean you won’t be making anymore AMD graphic cards in the future and your laptop/desktop models will be entirely NVIDIA GPUs?” Their response: “if its up par with performance, MSI will definitely be able to do so.”

MSI Gaming GPP

The comments were in response to users calling the company out on their involvement with NVIDIA’s GeForce Partner Program and the company removing “Gaming X” branded Radeon graphics cards from their website.

Obviously this is not a MSI-approved comment. It was made by someone who is paid by MSI to run their Facebook page and respond to comments like these. With that said it was definitely not the right thing to say, especially since NVIDIA and its partners are being pretty hush hush about the GeForce Partner Program.

Many will argue that the statement made by the rep is true, hell currently I agree. GeForce products do offer a better experience as well as better performance in most cases. But this is not how you talk about a company you still do business with (MSI is still making ARMOR Gaming Radeon cards).

These comments made by the MSI rep more or less confirm MSI’s alignment with NVIDIA’s GeForce Partner program. If removing the “Gaming X” Radeon cards was not enough.

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