MSI Radeon HD 7730 Revealed

It looks like AMD is prepping a new lower-end graphics cards in their Radeon 7000 series. User Toppc from Coolaler forums has leaked images and well as benchmarks of a Radeon HD 7730 card from MSI. Not much is known about the specifications of the card just yet, but we do know the card is clocked at 800 MHz core and 1125 MHz memory clock. We would assume it is also running 1 GB of GDDR5 memory. No official word on what core this card is running, our guess is a cut down version of either the Bonaire XT chip or Cape Verde chip.

msi 7730 1

msi 7730 2

msi 7730 3

msi 7730 4

The card makes use of MSI’s single fan cooling solution with a circular heatsink that sits on top of the core. As far as output connections go you have DVI-L, HDMI and DisplayPort. There is no power connection as the card is powered only by the PCIe slot. The user on the forums compared the HD 7730 to the Radeon HD 6670. Here they are:

3DMark Vantage
– AMD Radeon HD 6670: 5366 Marks
– AMD Radeon HD 7730: 10746 Marks
3DMark 11 (Entry)
– AMD Radeon HD 6670: E2477 Marks
– AMD Radeon HD 7730: E4539 Marks
3DMark 11 (Performance)
– AMD Radeon HD 6670: P1428 Marks
– AMD Radeon HD 7730: P2609 Marks
3DMark Firestrike
– AMD Radeon HD 6670: 878
– AMD Radeon HD 7730: 1680
3DMark CloudGate
– AMD Radeon HD 6670: 7042
– AMD Radeon HD 7730: 11959
3DMark IceStorm
– AMD Radeon HD 6670: 63660
– AMD Radeon HD 7730: 101701

As you can see a very nice improvement. No word yet on an official price or release date, but expect to see this card very soon.

Source: Coolaler Forums | News Archive

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