MSI Teases Next-Gen X299 Motherboard

MSI is teasing an upcoming motherboard based on Intel’s next-generation X299 platform. We have to say based on the picture you see below the board is looking pretty slick. From the looks of it this board will have a good amount of RGB LEDs, three M.2 slots and four PCI-Express x16 slots for 4-way SLI / CrossFire setups.

msi x299

This board will make use of the LGA 2066 socket. We can spot a 6-pin PCI-Express power connector above the top PCI-Express slot. This will be used to bring more power to these slots when running multi-GPU configurations. This board will also make use of MSI’s Audio Boost IV technology and will have a rear I/O cover that extends down to cover the audio components. This will definitely be an exciting platform to build a system around.

We will likely see the Core i7-7740K (quad-core) announced by Intel first, and then 6, 8, and even 10 core parts to come a little later. This is definitely a strike back at AMD as Ryzen has really shook up the market. These parts are going to come early too from all reports we’ve seen. Intel’s strategy has definitely changed since Ryzen was launched.

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