Mushkin Shows off New Portable SSD at CES 2019

Mushkin is getting on the portable SSD bandwagon with their new Carbon X100. This drive is essentially a desktop-class drive inside of an enclosure with a USB 3.1 gen 2 interface to allow you to connect it to your laptop or PC. The enclosure of the drive is metal so it will act as a heatsink to keep your drive nice and cool. At the end of the enclosure there is a single type-C port, which will also power the drive.

Mushkin Carbon X100

The drive makes use of the Silicon Motion’s SM2263XT controller with 3D TLC NAND. Mushkin is stating read and write speeds of 1000 MB/s, which is they say is 500% faster than a normal USB 3.0 flash drive. The drive will be available in capacities ranging from 250GB – 1TB. No word on pricing, but the drive should be available in Q1 of this year.

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