NCIX Has Filed For Bankruptcy

Netlink Computer Inc., or NCIX as many people know them, was a very popular Canadian hardware and software retailer that was founded in 1996 by Steve Wu. NCIX started in British Columbia, but with time the company had numerous stores in Canada as well as shipping facilities. While NCIX always appeared to be healthy and profitable, back in July they entered a financial crisis and had to close a few retail stores. Well the financial problems continued and they closed their last store on November 30 and filed for bankruptcy on December 1.


There has not be an official reason to why NCIX went bankrupt, or how long their they have been in financial troubles. Being a private organization they are not obligated by law to reveal their financial reports to the general public. The internet being what it is has a few different speculations. Some blame the higher-ups in the company for bad management, while others believe it was NCIX’s own fault for investing in physical stores.

ncix 2

So will this be the end for NCIX? It is unclear, many companies go into bankruptcy and bounce back. Both TigerDirect and RadioShack are examples.

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