New AMD Design Center Points Towards Broader Innovations

You shall be pleased to know that Advanced Micro Devices has just started up its newest design center which is situated at Raheja Mindspace, HITEC City, Madhapur, in the center of Hyderabad’s technology hub. This design center includes number of engineering labs, equipment and office spaces, covering a massive area of 175,000 square feet which certainly is big enough to accommodate hundreds and hundreds of engineers.


Now if we talk about the purpose for building such a huge scale research center then we shall educate you here that it shall be used for the development of SoC’s (system on chip) , basically opening new doors to broadening the chip modernism.

This all very clearly leads us to the fact that the Sunnyvale, California-based company might actually be planning to become more sober on the tablet market and mobile consumer electronics sector as a whole. AMD is fully devoted to offer their customers with ground-breaking, tailored technology solutions that not only give power to people but also carry excellent experiences.

We expect this Hyderabad Design Center to play a vital role in their mission of delivering AMD’s next round of innovation products.

Source: AMD | News Archive