New Entry Level Case Model From Phanteks At CES

In the past three years Phanteks has built up a really respectable product line of cases. They absolutely rule the enthusiast case mod segment and have really strong offering in the mid to upper price range. The one part they have really been missing is an entry level mid tower that is super friendly to build in. And that is exactly where the Eclipse P400 cases come in.

Being mid tower the P400 line has support for ATX motherboards as well as room for AiO coolers. All of the P400s have light controls for add in light strips and an LED light that shines out of the bottom of the front panel.


There are three options for the P400. You have the basic version, the P400, which comes with just light controls and dust filters, this one will be $69.99.


Next up is the P400s in which case the S stands for silent. You get full sound dampening on all panels, even around the sides of the window, and an option for windowed or a straight panel. Additionally you get fan control on the S series cases.


The P400s is $79.99 for black or anthrocite grey. Both the P400 and 400s are available in white for only $10 more.

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