New Powderless Coolants From Thermaltake at CES 2019

While coolants look fantastic in your system if not formulated correctly they can mean a world of hurt in the long run. Coolants made incorrectly with a powder to achieve their flat look have a strong tendency to break down and gunk up your expensive custom loop. This means more frequent tear downs and more frequent tubing replacement. Worse, it can result in pump failure and completely clogged channels. To combat this ThermalTake is launching it’s new powderless P1000 coolant line. Unlike their previous C1000 line these coolants seem to hold their formula correctly and save the end user the pain of a broken down loop. In addition to P1000 they have also reformulated their clear coolants and are launching them as the T1000 series.

ThermalTake P1000 and T1000 ThermalTake P1000 and T1000

Both series of coolants will be available in a wide range of colors. Look for these exciting new coolant options to hit shelves sometime in 2019.