New Power Banks By In Win Make Appearance on Show Floor at CES

Power banks have become a must have item for almost all of us thanks to the number of mobile devices we are dependent on all day. A power bank can really save you when you’ve drained the battery on your phone and can’t get to a wall outlet. Taking us away from the boring black boxes that most power banks are, In Win has developed a really great looking series of power banks with great specs as well.

There are six power banks total in three different categories. You have two power banks in the more feminine A’Lure line. One is 5,000mAh and white with purple accents while the other is purple with white accents and both are $30 USD. Next you have L’amour which is pink with white accents and goes for $35 USD.


After that you get into the 904 series which is brushed aluminum and black for $40 at 8,000mAh. Next is another 904 power bank, this one in black brushed aluminum with red accents and 12,000mAh for $45. Finally you come to the Noir which has a dark carbon fiber exterior, 10,000mAh, and a type C connection for $50.


All of these will be available around the end of Q1 or beginning of Q2.

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