Newegg Offers On-Demand Assembly of Custom PCs

Newegg, one of the leading tech-focused e-retailers in North America, now offers professional PC assembly to customers who design their own computers on the Newegg PC Builder. The Company’s build-to-order (BTO) offering takes advantage of Newegg’s ENIAC in-house computer assembly service to build and deliver fully assembled computers significantly faster than other competitive BTO offerings.

Newegg – with its millions of parts on hand at any given time – can source virtually any build using existing inventory within their network and have the completed PC delivered to customers anywhere in the U.S. This is a significant advantage compared to traditional BTO services that offer limited component selection and typically take weeks to fulfill custom orders. This initial beta phase will generate valuable insight and suggestions that will be used to launch the second phase of Newegg’s BTO service, which will come with more perks and options, like laser engraving, to bring further customization and personalization to customers’ builds.

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Newegg is building custom PCs for gamers needing maximum gaming performance. Custom gaming builds are comprised of the latest computer components such as Intel and AMD processors and RTX graphics cards. These custom gaming computers provide gamers with a high-performance gaming experience.

“Our purpose-built PC assembly line is staffed with skilled technicians,” said Vishal Mane, Director of Engineering at Newegg. “With a massive component inventory on hand and a team of skilled builders standing by, Newegg is simply the best option for customers who refuse to compromise on quality and who want their expertly built computers delivered more quickly than any other BTO service.”

In June 2020, Newegg rolled out the Newegg PC Builder, the Company’s online PC configurator that empowers anyone to design their own custom computer. The Newegg PC Builder was an instant hit with Newegg’s customers. Until now, customers would purchase the parts and assemble the computer on their own. While many of Newegg’s tech-savvy customers prefer to build their PCs themselves, there’s a large unaddressed market of customers who would rather opt for professional assembly.

Mr. Mane continued, “Not everyone who designs their own computer wants to build it themselves. For some it’s a matter of convenience. Our new BTO service gives those customers a simple, fast and affordable option to have the computer of their dreams built to spec and delivered to their home.”

Building a PC can be a complicated process with near-limitless configuration possibilities. With so many components, brands, specs and compatibility issues, determining the right configuration that suits the customer’s usage needs and budget limitations can be a daunting task. The Newegg PC Builder removes the guesswork and makes it easy for anyone to design their dream PC, have it professionally built and shipped to their home in about a week.

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