Azza Helios 910 Mid Tower Review

I came home today and found a rather large package from Azza waiting for me. It is the Azza Helios 910, an ATX mid-tower case in the lower level price range, but with the mid to higher level of quality and sustenance. This is one of their cases that I wasn’t really familiar with, and my anticipation of ripping open the box to take a closer look got the better of me. Before I could do this I have to set up my little photo studio to make sure I get plenty of pictures for everyone out there. Now this is a bit of a slow process and it was driving me crazy. Someday I’ll get some extra space and money and try to set up something permanent. Until then, I suffer my Christmas like anticipation of opening boxes. My waiting paid off, as soon as I pulled it out I was in love with the black on black exterior/interior. Yes folks this is a completely painted, no bare metal case!

Via [Pro-Clockers]