EVGA GeForce GT 240 SuperClocked Video Card Review

The GeForce GT 220 video card’s 48 processing cores do not really provide enough horse power to play today’s popular game titles with some of the eye candy turned on. With twice as many stream processors the EVGA GeForce GT 240 SuperClocked video card is able to better play games and our testing showed that in certain scenarios this video card can nearly double the performance of the GeForce GT 220. If you don’t use anti-aliasing and use resolutions of 1280×1024 or 1440×900 for gaming then this card is a very good choice. For those looking for a budget graphics card that is overclocking friendly, we found this retail boxed card to overclock very well. Overclocking core from 550MHz to 665MHz and the stream processors from 1340MHz to 1810MHz was a much higher overclock than what we expected, but we’ll take it and run. For a single slot graphics card these are very impressive numbers and the 400+ MHz increase we got on the stream processors is what really made a noticeable difference in games and applications. If you happen to be running applications like F@H you know how big of a performance difference this overclock will make!

Via [Legit Reviews]