Logitech G500 Laser Mouse Review


Engineered for advanced precision and control.” That was the slogan used on the retail box of Logitech’s MX500 high performance optical mouse way back in the day (Funny how I still remember it so clearly so many years later, haha). The Logitech MX500 was undoubtedly a success when it was released in 2003, and it was held in very high regard by enthusiasts and gamers alike. In fact, the same Logitech MX500 I purchased in Hong Kong more than half a decade ago still holds its own special place here at APH Networks in Calgary, Alberta. But performance was not the only reason why I liked it so much. It was the contoured shape of the shell that delivered a snug and comfortable fit, especially for a user such as yours truly who enjoys operating a mouse with my palm resting over its entire surface. And I was not the only one that liked the mouse so much for its cutting edge performance during its time, as well as its brilliant shell shape. Its popularity led to the same basic design being carried over to the MX510 and MX518; when the laser sensor came along, the G5 and G5 V2 were also created. Being a proud owner of every mouse in the series, it should not be surprising that Logitech’s latest successor is being added to my collection — other than maybe the fact that it wasn’t until now that I am reviewing it! Building upon the G5 V2 as aforementioned that received the highest mark ever awarded on APH Networks since May 2007, and has held that honor ever since for three years and counting, how will the Logitech G500 — now with a even more powerful laser sensor, ‘frictionless’ scroll wheel, and onboard memory — step up against its very well received predecessors? Read on to find out!

Via [APH Networks]