Micron RealSSD C300 256GB SATA 6Gbps SSD Review

The Micron RealSSD C300 256GB SSD is an amazing SSD that has the ability to take advantage of the SATA 6 Gbps interface. When we first looked at SATA 6 Gbps performance using the Seagate XT 2TB hard drive we found the burst speed to be impressive, but found that a hard drive was able to fully use the new interface since it wasn’t fast enough. We were seeing the Seagate XT 2TB hard drive have a maximum read transfer rate of 144MB/s, which is nothing to write home about these days. The Micron RealSSD C300 on the other hand was able to peak at 387MB/s in ATTO, which is insane for a single SSD. When it comes to read performance nothing on the market today can beat the Micron RealSSD C300 256GB SSD! This drive has spectacular read performance and the write performance is not too far behind other drives like the OCZ Vertex LE.

Via [Legit Reviews]