NZXT Beta Review


A gamers’ case is undoubtedly more than just a metal chassis to house all the circuit boards and components. The styling and aesthetics are very important giving particular rig uniqueness as well as being a way for the enthusiast to express themselves. However, with the cost of high-end gaming chassis pushing well over the £100 mark and money much tighter due to the economic status, manufacturers are starting to react. Antec were one of the first to release a low-budget case – the Two Hundred; a chassis that has quickly become the case to beat in the low price market. Visually, performance wise and the build quality are all spot on and at just £35, it’s very competitively priced. Hot on Antec’s heels though are NZXT. With any array of gaming chassis available, the Beta bolsters the low budget part of the Classic Series. Let’s take a look…

Via [XSReviews]