NFT of the World Wide Web Source Code Sells for $5.4 Million

Just think what this world would be like without the World Wide Web. It has allowed us to share ideas, get news, learn things, and so much more. Obviously if you are reading this you are making use of the World Wide Web. If you didn’t know the Internet’s source code was developed by Tim Berners-Lee. This source code has now been turned into an NFT (Non Fungible Token). These are sort of like the digital version of a collectible. They are a authenticated digital file that lives in the blockchain and no matter how many copies are made the blockchain makes it so the ownership of the original work remains crystal clear.

www nft 3

The NFT for the source code of the World Wide Web includes time-stamped programming files that include 9555 lines of code written by Tim Berners-Lee, a 30-minute animated visualization of developers writing the code, a letter written by Berners-Lee explaining the creation process and a digital “poster” of the code featuring a graphic of his signature. The auction started at $1,000 and eventually sold for $5.4 million!

www nft 2

Via TechSpot

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