No New CPU Architectures From AMD Until 2016

Intel has constantly been pushing new CPU architecture year after year, but what about AMD? According to a recent interview with Bloomberg, AMD will not be releasing a new micro-architecture until 2016, with all CPU or APU products being released between now and then based on the current architecture.


So it looks like AMD is not interested in keeping up with Intel, who just released their high-end Haswell-E platform. AMD CEO Rory Read did reveal that new hardware from AMD will be coming out next year, but it will be based on existing architectures.

“AMD engineers are now proving they can deliver new designs on time, something that didn’t happen in the past.”

So next year we can expect new APUs from AMD to be based off their low-power Puma+ and high-performance Steamroller architecture. These architectures are not expected to delivery much additional performance, but should have lower power consumption and heat output.

Source: eTeknix | News Archive

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