Noctua Showing Coolers For AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper

So far Noctua is the only company showing off CPU coolers for AMD’s recently announced Ryzen ThreadRipper high-end desktop processors. AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper presents an interesting challenge to CPU cooler makers as the physical size of the processor is one of the largest that we’ve seen!

Noctua ThreadRipper Coolers

Noctua is currently showing off three different air CPU coolers for the TR4/SP3 socket. All these of these are based on current popular Noctua models, which include the NH-U9, NH-U12S and NH-U14S. Of course the big different in these models is the surface area of the base. It has been enlarged to fit the larger Ryzen ThreadRipper processors. There has also been a new mounting assembly added.

It is nice to know we have have great CPU coolers available when ThreadRipper launches!

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