Node.js application examples 2021

Node.js is one of the most popular technologies nowadays. It’s cost-savvy, fast, easy to scale, and lightweight.  Both well-known giant companies and smaller businesses have already experienced its benefits. So today our Node js experts prepared for you several Node.js application examples that brought success to their owners.

  1. Uber

What is the most popular alternative to the traditional cab? Yeah, it’s Uber, of course. In 2020 the Uber revenue was $11.1 billion and the number of active users was 93 million people.

Uber is a fast-growing company as it doubles in size every 6 months. So to keep up with its expanding business needs, they required reliable and easy-to-scale technology. That’s why Uber’s Node.js app is able to process huge amounts of data preserving its smooth operation. Also, it’s possible to deploy new code quickly and constantly develop new solutions thanks to a strong Node.js open source community.

  1. Netflix

This video-on-demand service is probably the most recognizable and popular one, especially in our post-pandemic society. In 2021, Netflix has more than 207 million active users worldwide. The platform has huge traffic, so it’s of crucial importance for them to operate fast and uninterruptedly.

Initially, the app was built with Java, however, it was too heavy and the loading speed was slow. Netflix’s  Node. js app is lightweight and its interface loading time is around 1 second now. In comparison, it took 5-10 seconds previously.

  1. Imover

This CRM for moving services is one of RexSoft’s top Node.js projects.

To cut the long story short, our client has a custom-built CRM system. It was based on ASP. NET.  Many functions didn’t work correctly and the system logic was too complicated. Moreover, it was hard to process a huge amount of users’ data.

So we decided to upgrade the CRM using Node.js. As a result, Imover became more lightweight and fast. The new framework made it possible to process data without any hitches. Shifting to Node.js allows our clients to enhance marketing and sales process and scale. Nowadays, they are working on Imover box-version for partners.

  1. Tap App Security

This is another project by RexSoft. It’s a crisis management communication system. How does it work? Let’s imagine that you’re an organizational leader and you find yourself in an emergency situation – fire, thieves attack, etc. With this app, you have the ability to instantly connect and communicate in real-time mode with police, your employees, or other key stakeholders through your smartphone, iPad, or other mobile devices.

When it comes to a high level of danger, it’s of crucial importance for the emergency app to work fast and uninterruptedly. That’s why we had no doubts that it should be Node.js app. With this technology, Tapp App Security became a reliable rescuer for our clients.


As you can see, Node.js can be a great decision for app development in various industries. So if you have some project in mind and want to build efficient software, contact RexSoft – a Node.js development company from The USA.