Nomad ChargeKey Lightning Cable Review

Usage & Final Thoughts
I went ahead and put the ChargeKey on my key-ring and started taking it places with me. As you can see in the photo below the ChargeKey is about the same size as a normal key. When on my key-ring it really did not seem like anything else rather than another key.

Nomad ChargeKey Lightning Cable

It was great having a iPhone charger with me at all times. I normally have my charging cable with me, but having the ChargeKey is so much easier. Not only is it smaller, but I never forget it because it is on my key-ring at all times. If my battery is ever low I can just take out my keys and I have a charger right there. All I need is an open USB port and I’m good to go.

The only problem that the ChargeKey might have is how long it is going to last. Both the USB connection and Lightning connection are exposed. Of course with any other cable this is true as well. The ChargeKey is built really well and and ends are not going to break like we have seen with the cables that Apple supplies with their iPhones.

The ChargeKey is a great little device and something I suggest you add to your mobile arsenal as it simply makes charging easy and makes it so you always have a charger with you. Right now the ChargeKey is selling for $29, which is a fair price considering Apple sells their lightning cable for $19. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Nomad ChargeKey Lightning Cable a 10 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

– Made to be durable
– Solves a simple problem
– The size of a key!

– None that I found

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