Non-Gamstop casinos: positive and negative features

Internet gambling is gaining popularity worldwide. In the UK, more than half of residents spend free time playing online games from time to time. More and more users play for real bets. Some players spend too much time on virtual casino games, which leads to serious problems caused by gambling addiction. For this reason, gambling control in the UK has become tougher. The Gamstop program was created in the UK in order to restrict people in gambling entertainment. Read more about that program, as well as about the pros and cons of non Gamstop casinos in the article below.

What is GamStop?

More and more people in the UK and in other countries of the world choose online casinos as one of the ways to spend free time. But, a virtual game mainly goes for real money, and for some casino users, games have turned from just a fun hobby into a way of earning cash. And that thing leads to an increase in the number of people addicted to gambling.

The UK authorities have long noticed an increased demand for gaming sites among the residents. Also, thanks to medical research, it was found that in the last 10 years, the number of people addicted to casinos has been growing steadily. All those things led to the fact that the authorities began to regulate the casino business in the UK more carefully. And so, the Gamstop program was invented.

Starting from 2020, in order to obtain a license from the UK gaming commission and work legally, any casino must join the Gamstop service. This is a self-exclusion program created to help gambling-addicted casino users in the UK. All gambling sites participating in it give players the opportunity to limit their participation in online games or completely block their access to the casino. Thanks to the Gamstop program, the authorities of the UK expect to effectively combat the adverse consequences of gambling and control the entire casino environment.

Casino sites not on GamStop

Despite the positive goals of the Gamestop program, many players do not want to visit sites that fall under its regulation. The thing is that not all punters accept the prospect of being blocked in an online casino as something really necessary and positive for themselves. Especially experienced ones who are used to playing at high limits since they do not want to be blocked during the next round.

If you are looking for non-Gamstop platforms fortunately there are lots of websites, you can choose from. For example, one of the most popular websites – Rainbow Riches not on Gamstop casino.

Gaming platforms that are free from the Gamstop service offer users significantly more freedom in every sense. Here no one will limit your playing time and you will be able to bet on your favorite slots as much as you wish. Also, non-Gamstop sites are also legal because they have licenses from well-known European commissions.

Websites not on GamStop: pros and cons

Lots of gamblers prefer to play games at the sites without a Gamstop service. They choose them for some obvious reasons. So, if you are going to join the non-Gamstop gamblers’ community, take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of using non-GamStop casinos.

Non-GamStop casinos pros

One of the key advantages of non-GamStop platforms is that there are fewer restrictions. Some of the terms and conditions that are in place for GamStop websites such as slower slot machine speeds, low deposit limits, no autoplay features, no live casino are all things that will not be seen with GamStop.

So, here is a list of the advantages you can get playing at the non-Gamstop website:

  • Lucrative promotions and privileges
  • No deposit and betting limits
  • Safe banking system
  • 24/7 help service
  • Fast and secure payouts
  • Lots of video games with high RTP
  • Intuitive website look
  • Accepts cryptocurrencies
  • Demo play option
  • Live casino games
  • Self-exclusion is still an option
  • Excellent mobile version

Non-GamStop casinos cons

Besides, there are some cons you can face with playing at the non-GamStop casinos. For example, if you have problems with gaming addiction, then nothing on Gamstop-free sites can protect you from further mistakes and aggravation of your problem.

Moreover, keep in mind that some non-GamStop platforms may not be licensed elsewhere and could be unsecure. Summarizing all the cons the list comes as follows:

  • Websites not on Gamstop can be used as a GamStop loophole
  • These platforms may not accept deposits in GBP
  • UK slot machines titles may not be available
  • There is no regulation by local authorities
  • Weak level of player support in case of disputes


It is impossible to deny that the possibility of blocking through Gamstop is extremely useful for those who need a break from the casino games.

On the other hand, Gamstop service has its negative sides. Among them are the inability to choose an exclusion period of fewer than six months, as well as the fact that other people can register you in the program without your knowledge.