NVIDIA 90HX Crypto Mining Processor Will be Based on Ampere GA102-100 GPU

NVIDIA recently announced its mining GPU series, CMP HX series, and sources at Videocardz claim that only the CMP 90HX among the four GPUS will be based on the Ampere architecture.

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It will be based on the same board as the RTX 3080, PG132 board and will utilize the GA102-100 GPU. The 90HX will have 10GB RAM and a 320W TDP. There is no news on the CUDA core count yet.

On the other hand, 30HX, 40HX, and 50HX will be based on the 12nm Turing architecture. The driver update for 30HX and 40HX has confirmed this news. The 50HX will be based on a board design inspired by RTX 2080 Ti (PG150) and will use the TU102 GPU-100 GPU.

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Although the specifications for The CMP HX series aren’t finalized but will not have the same specifications as the gaming graphics cards. The series might

not even carry the GeForce badgeas it is expected that the CMP HX series will have unfunctional or broken Tensor, RT, TMUs, or ROPs. They will not have any display connectors, and the cheapest cooling solutions will be used.

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Via Videocardz