NVIDIA Changes SDR Monitor Settings To Make HDR Look Better

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is the latest crazy when it comes to monitors, especially gaming monitors. We were shown a very nice HDR display at CES earlier this year and it look quite amazing. At Computex this year NVIDIA was showcasing HDR with two displays, one which was SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) and the other which of course was HDR. The guys at Hardware Canucks were wondering why the SDR screen looked so washed out, well that’s because NVIDIA had changed the settings to so it would look that way.

nvidia sdr

Hardware Canucks investigated and it seems NVIDIA changed the factory values for brightness, contrast, and even gamma on the SDR display. This of course compromised the image and made it look worse than what it really was and obviously made HDR look far better.

HDR is something that some users like or dislike, it is pretty incredible in the demos we’ve seen, but we do feel it is pretty unfair to change the settings on a very expensive display and make it look far worse than the HDR display. Check out the video below to see the difference.

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