NVIDIA GeForce 384 Series Driver Allows For 4K Netflix Streaming

NVIDIA’s 384 series drivers for their GeForce graphics cards have a few new features many people might be interested in. First they allow support for DirectX 12 API support on 5-plus year old GeForce “Fermi” GPUs. Secondly, 4K Ultra HD support for Netflix UWP app without needed a new-generation GPU (Kaby Lake, Ryzen, etc). These new CPUs have hardware-level DRM features which the Netflix app needs to playback 4K Ultra HD content. The new drivers from NVIDIA allow you to circumvent that requirement.

netflix 4k

Aethervisor on Reddit discovered that he was able to play back content at 4K Ultra HD resolution on his machine with an older CPU and a GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card. Previously new-generation CPUs were required for this type of playback, but now that is not the case and NVIDIA has opened up 4K Ultra HD streaming on Netfilx to a wider audience.

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