NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M Maxwell Launching in October

According to multiple reports, NVIDIA is looking to unveil its GM204 graphics processor in the next two months. Cloudfire a user on the NotebookReview forums has gathered some information from notebook manufacturers regarding their future products. He has confirmed that NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 980M Maxwell flagship will launch in October.


So you may be asking, “wait a second, GTX 980M?”. I said the same thing when I first read this story. NVIDIA has yet to release the desktop 800 series, so why would they release mobile 900M and 800 desktop series around the same time? This has never happened before, normally the same series desktop and mobile products would launch around the same time. NVIDIA has only released a single 800 series Maxwell mobile card, the GTX 860M. So would NVIDIA completely skip the rest of the 800M series and launch new revised 900M products? The GTX 860M actually had two variants (Kepler and Maxwell) so it was a little confusing. Launching an new series (900M) based entirely on Maxwell does make sense.

It is speculated that the 900M series will be based on a mobile variant on the GM204 die. The GM204 is not exactly an enthusiast-grade GPU, but it will do just fine as a mobile processor. If NVIDIA is indeed launching an entirely new mobile series based entirely on Maxwell, it would look something like this:

– Geforce GT 940M
– Geforce GTX 950M
– Geforce GTX 960M
– Geforce GTX 970M
– Geforce GTX 975M
– Geforce GTX 980M

Some of these models could simply be rebrands or based on the first generation Maxwell dies. In any case according to the report we will see the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M in October, so only time will tell.

Source: NotebookReview via WCCFtech | News Archive

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