NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Pictured!

Many people are unsure of when the GeForce GTX Titan will be officially released. Most people said today, but then there would be a ton of reviews out right? It looks like it we will see an official release tomorrow. In the meantime a few sites have leaked photos of the card. The GeForce GTX Titan features a magnesium alloy cooler shroud, a clear acrylic window giving you a look at the aluminum fin stack, a large illuminated GeForce GTX logo on the side, and a large lateral blower fan. Power to the card comes in the form of 8pin and 6pin PCI-e connectors. There are dual SLI connectors as well.

Here are the leaked photos!

titan 1

titan 2

titan 3

titan 4

titan 5

titan 6

Looking at the PCB shots it looks like the card has a total of 24 2 Gbit GDDR5 memory chips (12 on each side). The VRM looks to be using tantalum capacitors, slimline chokes, and driver-MOSFETs and has a 6+2 phase design.

According to the EgyptHardware post the specifications of the reference cards are:

GPU: 28nm GK110
– 2,688 CUDA cores
– 224 TMUs, 48 ROPs
– 6 GB memory
Clock Speeds:
– GPU: 837 MHz
– Boost: 876 MHz
– Memory: 1502 MHz / 6008 MHz effective
Slot Width: Dual Slot
Length: 10.5 in / 267mm
TDP: 250W
– 2x DVI
– 1x HDMI
– 1x DisplayPort

Source: EgyptHardware, VideoCardz | News Archive

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