NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 and RTX 3080 Production Timeline Revealed

It appears as if NVIDIA’s next-generation GeForce “Ampere” RTX 3000 series graphics cards will be launching in September, with availability shortly after. Looking at what has been unearthed NVIDIA’s OEM partners and other suppliers will finalize their bill of materials (DBOM), this has already started in April / May. Right now in June is when products go through the EVT (engineering validation test) and DVT (design validation test). During these tests NVIDIA has the opportunity to approve or reject / change the design of the products and finalize it.

nvidia 3000 timetable

Now by July NVIDIA has working samples of the finished products to validate. At this time regulators like the FCC and CE conduct EMI tests. Then you have production validation tests (PVT), or proofing of the production line, which happens in late-July / early-August. This is also when the final BIOS is released to the OEMs by NVIDIA. Mass-production of the product finally starts in August with the products making their way to distributors. Then you have the media event announcing the product and press reviews which will follow in September, with market availability shortly after.

Via Igor’s Lab

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