NVIDIA is in “advanced talks” to acquire Arm from SoftBank

Ever since Apple announced it would be moving to its own chips to power Mac devices, we have been seeing a shift in the chipset landscape. It’s not a major shift, but a noticeable one. Apple Silicon, as Apple calls it, will be based on the ARM architecture, made by Arm Holdings, currently owned by SoftBank. Now, it looks like NVIDIA is inching closer to buying Arm from SoftBank.

We had recently reported about the possibility of NVIDIA buying Arm, and it seems like the discussion has advanced since then. Bloomberg has reported that NVIDIA is in advanced talks to acquire Arm, which means it might soon be a proper race between Intel, AMD, and the big green.

Now, of course, just acquiring Arm won’t do much, as the company operates mostly on a licensing basis, and NVIDIA could not possibly touch that aspect without bringing in antitrust attention. However, we need to remember that NVIDIA made Tegra, some of the best ARM chips ever. With Arm in its corner, and Intel not showing any interest in making headway with ARM chips, it might be NVIDIA who tries to match Apple’s performance gains, for Windows systems.

The deal holds exciting possibilities, as well as major regulatory attention, so we will have to wait and watch how it unfolds. What do you think? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

Via TechPowerUp

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