NVIDIA Launches GeForce GTX 960M, GTX 950M and GeForce 940M

NVIDIA has launched a large selection of mid-range to entry-level mobile GPUs designed for laptops and other mobile systems. The mid-range parts start with the GTX 960M and GTX 950M while the company also launched entry-level parts such as the GTX 940M, GTX 930M and GTX 920M, which they say all will perform better than Intel’s integrated GPUs.

NVIDIA Maxwell

Both the GTX 960M and 950M are based off NVIDIA’s GM107 silicon and have 640 CUDA cores. The GTX 960M has a base clock of 1029 MHz with a GPU boost up to 1096 MHz. The GTX 950M on the other hand only has a clock speed of 914 MHz. Both mobile chips feature 2GB of GDDR5 memory that is clocked at 5000 MHz (effective).

The GTX 940M and GTX 930M are based on the GM108 silicon. The GTX 940M has 384 CUDA cores and a clock speed of 1072 MHz. The mobile chip will actually have 4GB of DDR3 memory on it. Not much is known about the GTX 930M, we do know that it will have 256 CUDA cores and have 2 GB of DDR3 memory. The speeds are unknown, but it is said that the 930M will be 3.5x faster than Intel’s HD Graphics 4400 GPU. The GTX 920M is said to be 3x faster than the same Intel chip.

Most popular notebooks have seen a refresh using these new chips. Some of these notebooks include the Alienware 13, HP Omen, Acer Nitro V, ASUS G501, Lenovo Y50 and the Razer Blade Pro.

Source: TechSpot | News Archive

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