NVIDIA Preparing GK180 Based Tesla K40 “ATLAS” GPU

NVIDIA has been the market leader when it comes to the super performing giant computers and workstations and in this department its sole ruler is the Tesla K20X which is one of the best in its category and has been featured in the world’s fastest Titan supercomputer. It is time to move a step forward and NVDIA has never been the one to stay behind. This time we are expecting a new release for this market of super computers and we will soon be viewing the NVIDIA Tesla K40 which has been codenamed as the ATLAS.


Based on the latest chip of GK180, the ATLAS is going to feature the 2880 Cuda Cores along with peak single precision performance of over 4 TFlops and 1.4 TFlops with double precision. It will be equipped with a VRAM of 12 GB with a memory bandwidth of 288 GB per second and most of these above mentioned specifications show resemblance to the Quadro K6000 which has been based on the GK110. This one also features the GK110 core with 2880 Cores and a VRAM of 12 GB similar to ATLAS.

The ATLAS comes along with the GPU Boost technology under workloads from AMBER, ANSYS and some other names which still have not been revealed. The GPU would be shipped in different form factors; Passive, Active, TTP and SXM. They will all have a standard TDP of 235 W and for the SXM form factors, the TDP will be 245 W. Though AMD has still not been able to take over the market for super computers and higher performing workstations, NVIDIA is still working on keeping its rule over it and the newest ATLAS is going to put the crown on NVIDIA once again. Some news has also been circulating about NVIDIA releasing a GK110 based graphic card in this month as a response to AMD’s challenge of the Hawaii based Radeon R9 290X which it claimed to be faster than the Titan.

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive