NVIDIA Project SHIELD Steaming Borderlands 2 from PC Demo

Last month we talking about NVIDIA’s Project SHIELD. It is NVIDIA’s new handheld device that features a 5-inch HD touchscreen and was powered by Android. Playing Android games can be fun, but real hardcore PC gamers want more action. Well NVIDIA knows this and that is why Project SHIELD allows you to stream games from your GeForce GTX 600 Series equipped PC to the device. NVIDIA has released a first in a series of videos showing off the streaming feature in action. The first video shows Project SHIELD streaming Borderlands 2.

From the looks of the video there seems to be like no lag between the host PC and the portable device. Also as they say in the video the frame rates are very high and the game is running smooth. To follow this video up NVIDIA will be releasing a new video of Project Shield running different PC games every Monday.

nvidia borderlands

The big thing that we do not know yet is the price of the device. Also the PC streaming feature to our knowledge is only available if you have a powerful GeForce GTX 600 Series equipped PC. So that may limit its appeal to a certain demographic. We will update you on Project SHIELD information as it becomes available.

Source: NVIDIA | News Archive

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