NVIDIA Shield Update To Bring Android 4.3, Console Mode And Gamestream Support

Many people had been waiting for newer upgrades to the Shield gaming system and just as it had been promised by NVIDIA itself, the bigger upgrades are finally here and they are being delivered in spades. Many of the fans which had been speculating about these upgrades would be happy to hear that the newest Console Mode has been introduced by the Android 4.3 update. Gamign experience has never been made so comfortable and easy going before. You can now connect the Shield to your HDTV and then follow with the connection to the device with the aid of a Bluetooth controller and you are ready to enjoy the console-like gaming. Games which are prone to the touch option can easily be dealt with since NVIDIA has been clever enough to add a button mapping utility which adds hardware controls to such games.


The release has taken out Gamestream from beta which has enabled PC-to-Shield streaming and supports more than 50 titles. Some tweaks have been done to the new OS but on the interface level. These include actionable notifications, restricted profiles and the option of moving app files to an SD card to name a few. This update is expected to roll out soon enough and for the gamers this is enough as an incentive to grab their very own Shields (for those who don’t have theirs already). If this is not enough as an incentive then NVIDIA has more in the form of a bundle offer. This bundle includes GeForce GTX graphics card as well as copies of Assassin’s Creed 4, Batman: Arkham Origins and Splinter Cell: Blacklist and will get you a $100 off.

Source: Engadget | News Archive