NVIDIA Tegra 5 Allegedly More Powerful than the PS3 at only 2W!

NVIDIA has been working on their Tegra 5 mobile platform for a while now and according to them Tegra 5 “Logan” is actually more powerful than then PlayStation 3 and the 8800 GTX, on top of that it will only consume 2W!


NVIDIA Tegra 5 will come in two different versions: a 1W and 2W version and will allegedly yield more power than its 250W counterparts. That is a 5x increase in current graphics that are in the latest iPad. Adding to that Tegra 5 Logan is made from NVIDIA’s Mobile Kepler GPU architecture and will support Open GL 4.3 and CUDA 5 out of the box.

Tegra 5 Logan is an ARM SoC much like the Power VR and Adreno chips, although it looks like it is setup to crush them.

When Tegra 5 Logan comes out it could bring with it a whole new line of gaming and general-purpose GPU computing tablets. Logan is supposed to go into full production in early 2014 and the first devices should be available in Q2. This will be NVIDIA’s last 32-bit ARM SoC as the follow-up to Logan, codename “Parker” is expected to use NVIDIA’s custom ARMv8 64-bit processing cores and next-gen Maxwell GPU.

Source: ExtremeTech | News Archive

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