NVIDIA TITAN V Benchmarked Against GTX 1080 Ti

As a surprise to everyone, NVIDIA launched their new flagship TITAN V graphics card last week. The card is based off the “Volta” GV100 graphics processor and comes in at a whopping $2999! Well it was not long until benchmarks of the new card surfaced. It was benchmarked against NVIDIA’s own GTX 1080 Ti Graphics Card. The GTX 1080 Ti was in question was heavily overclocked running at 2581 MHz under LN2.

titanv results

Starting with the Superposition benchmark the TITAN V scored 5222 points in the 8K optomized preset and 9341 points in the 1080p Extreme preset. This is compared to the overclocked 1080 Ti’s score of 8642 points in the 1080p Extreme test.

sp titanv 1 sp titanv 2

The TITAN V was also tested in the Unigine Heaven benchmark. At 1440p the card averaged 126 FPS. According to the results we have here the TITAN V is anywhere between 26% and 87% faster than the GTX 1080 Ti in gaming workloads.

heaven ttitan

Moving on to Futuremark’s VR Mark “Blue Room” benchmark the Titan V delivers a score of 4400 points. This performance is a 1428 increase over the a GTX 1080 Ti and delivers an above 90 FPS experience, something that a GTX 1080 Ti just can’t do.

titanv vr

Below are more screenshots for you to go through, but as it stands the TITAN V is the fastest graphics card NVIDIA has ever made, as well as the most expensive. Even more details are available at the source link.

titanv ashes1 titanv ashes2 titanv ashes gears titanv evga titanv results 1 titanv results 2

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