NVIDIA Working on GeForce GTX Titan II?

Discovered in NVIDIA’s shipping manifest are engineering samples of what is described as a “GM200 A1 graphics processor”. The sample is making its way from Taiwan to Bangalore, India, where it is likely to be pushed to NVIDIA’s facilities in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Normally when we hear of A1 steppings of NVIDIA chips they are pre-production and need to go through more testing before being upgraded to “A2” and being mass produced.


3DCenter.org has some likely specifications for what this processor could be. The GM200, much like the GM204 will be build on the existing 28 nm fabrication process. This will be due to the setbacks by foundry partner TSMC not being able to set up the 20 nm node in time. It is said that the GM200 will feature of 4000 CUDA cores, although we do not know an exact number. It is also expected that NVIDIA will widen the memory bus to 512-bit.

Given that this chip will be based on the existing 28 nm process this is going to be a big GPU, over 600 mm²! Since this GPU will be based on the Maxwell architecture thermal loads should not be that bad, but given its going to be a big chip we will just have to see. We could see the GM200-based GeForce GTX Titan II launch is the first half of 2015.

Source: TechPowerUp via 3DCenter | News Archive

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