NVIDIA Working on GTX 1660 Ti/GTX 1160?

Yeah after I read this headline I was a little confused too. A new report has surfaced that NVIDIA is working on a graphics card called the GTX 1660 Ti, which is said to just be an 1160. This means that NVIDIA will be splitting their branding into GeForce RTX and GeForce GTX, which many people thought would happen. So the RTX cards would remain the 20-series, while the new GTX cards will be the 11-series.

1160 ti

If you look at the graphic above you can see that it is advertising “Turing Shaders” and not Ray Tracing, so Ray Tracing would remain exclusive to the RTX Series as the new GTX cards will not have RT cores.

It has also been reported that NVIDIA will not release a RTX 2050 card, but to release a TU166-based GTX 1160, which is thought to be the same as this 1160 Ti card. It is very possible that NVIDIA has not finalized the name of this card, or that this story is completely bogus.

You can check out the original post by Expreview here.

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