NVIDIA’s 900 Series Gets Price Cuts For The Holidays

It looks like if you are looking to get a new graphics card this holiday season NVIDIA has your back. Their entire line of 900 Series GeForce GTX cards have received some pretty hefty price cuts that are just in time for the holiday season! This is the first time we’ve seen significant price cuts on the 900 Series since they were introduced back in late 2014.


So what type of price cuts are there? Here is the full list along with the original MSRP’s of the cards.

GTX 980 Ti
Original MSRP: $649
New Price: $589

GTX 980
Original MSRP: $499
New Price: $439

GTX 970
Original MSRP: $329
New Price: $289

GTX 960
Original MSRP: $199
New Price: $179

GTX 950
Original MSRP: $159
New Price: $139

Be sure to check out Newegg as many of these cards will also come with rebates directly from the manufacturer bringing their cost down even more!

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