NVIDIA’s Arm acquisition faces first hurdle as UK Trade Union says its against British interests

NVIDIA recently announced its acquisition of Arm Holdings. The company is responsible for the ARM architecture that drives the majority of the world’s mobile chipsets. NVIDIA has named the price of the acquisition at a whopping $40 Billion. Everybody expected the deal to get heavy regulatory attention. The first hurdle has now arrived in the form of backlash from the UK trade union, Unite.

A new report by ITPro says that employees of Arm Holdings have been put off by the deal. This is despite NVIDIA’s promises of leaving Arm relatively untouched. There are fears about this deal hampering the UK’s tech sector. The trade union Unite has requested the UK government to block the deal. Cambridge MP Daniel Zeichner has also said he will be pushing for the same.

Unite’s regional officer Matt Whaley said in a statement:

“It would be madness to put this at risk by allowing Arm to be flogged to a multinational that would benefit from it being dismantled.

Our members have valid worries about the Nvidia deal, which have not been helped by their being kept in the dark by Arm’s leadership and fobbed off with excuses about the sale being 18 months away.

This is first of the many hurdles that the deal is likely to face before it gets approved, if at all. NVIDIA will have to jump through a lot of hoops for the same, and there is bound to be some concern from American authorities as well. The future for NVIDIA and Arm does hold a lot of promises, however, should it come to be.

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