Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference

GTC Conclusion

GTC was a great event to attend, and really made a very positive influence on my thoughts about Nvidia as a company.  Seeing the passion in every single employee was such an exciting and refreshing atmosphere, a product can only go so far, but a company and the people behind it are what can make a company a huge success in my opinion.  On a technical note, there was a lot of ingenious discussions going on, with over 240+ sessions of tutorials, panels, and moderated roundtables, presented by senior programmers, researchers and thought leaders from across a broad range of fields.  It was almost information overload trying to process all the neat and exciting things about the conference, but I for one feel smarter and more knowledgeable just by attending. The good news is that any sessions I missed are supposed to be up on the conference website, and to be honest after just getting a taste of some of the possibilities and upcoming uses of CUDA and GPU programming, I can’t wait to see more applications and solutions that we as a global community can come up with.   Probably one of the most memorable times for me was when the CEO made a point of showing that he was less concerned about separation of countries and races in regards to the technological race, and more concerned with helping to promote the further advancement of solutions to the world’s problems. In the Press Conference he even stated “I don’t care who cures cancer, just do it”, this type of attitude speaks volumes for the future of Nvidia, and I know they are proud to have Jen-Hsun Huang as their CEO, besides what’s cooler than having a CEO with an Nvidia tattoo who also doesn’t mind taking a few Tequila shots with his coworkers.


GTC concluded with a charity even sponsored by The Nvidia Foundation, who matched every dollar donated to support this years organization, “HopeLab”, an organization aimed at enhancing the life and psychological wellbeing of young people with cancer. This year’s donations will help support the global distribution of the popular kid’s video game “Re-Mission”, where you’re a nanobot named roxxi traveling through the bodies of fictional cancer patients and destroying cancer cells. Found at www.re-mission.net .  The event had Nvidia’s own house band “Building V”, who did a great job at getting the crowd excited and out onto the dance floor.  Overall it was a very educational and eye opening conference, I mentioned this already, but I honestly can’t wait to see what Nvidia has planned for the future and what they’ll display at next year’s events, as I’m sure plans are already underway.