NZXT Announces the Sentry 3 Fan Controller

NZXT has just announced their latest case accessory, the Sentry 3 Fan Controller. This fan controller features a pretty sleek touchscreen LCD with a re-imagined UI from the previous Sentry units. The 5.4-inch touchscreen is 33% larger than any other single-bay fan controller screen on the market. Making controlling the unit a breeze.

NZXT Sentry 3

The Sentry 3 can control up to 5 different fans and each channel supports 15 watts of power for the most demanding fans. The newly introduced PowerSlide Bar gives you ultimate control over your fan channels, letting you adjust speed on the fly. Channel linking allows you to join any of the five fan channels together and control the link group simultaneously.

NZXT has included integrated short protection, making the Sentry 3 and Sentry Mix 2 the only fan controllers to integrate short circuit, undervoltage, and overvoltage protection to keep both you and your computer safer.

The Sentry 3 is currently available for preorder at the NZXT Armory store for $34.99.

Source: NZXT | News Archive

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