NZXT Hue RGB LED Controller Review

Final Thoughts
Ways to light the inside of our cases are always changing and the Hue is definitely a step in the right direction.  NZXT has really put themselves ahead of the pack with this kit.

Let’s first talk about the LED strip.  It is very heavy duty and the LED modules are spread out accordingly.  Most LED kits only give you a single LED color, but with the Hue you get red, green and blue LED’s in each module.  So not only can you use those colors individually, but you can blend the colors together to create new colors.  No matter what color you want you should be able to create it with the Hue.  The LED modules themselves are also very bright, much brighter than other LED strips that we have taken a look at in the past.  The strip is very long and you should not have problems getting the kit to light up the inside of some of the largest cases.  It did a great job on our NZXT Switch 810.

The controller is what really makes this kit.  Most LED kits may have an on and off switch but the Hue has a full 5.25-inch bay device that is used to control it.  With the controller you are able to turn the red, green and blue colors up and down to mix and match colors.  You can turn the brightness of the LED’s up and down and there are different flashing and pulsating modes that you can turn on and off.  Of course you can turn the strip completely on and off with the controller as well.  Many people may complain that the 5.25-inch bay device is overkill and they could have put it in a 3.5-inch device, but how many new cases even have 3.5-inch drive bays?

There honestly is nothing I can say bad about the Hue.  It does a great job at what it is supposed to do.  It seems it is a little hard to find online.  I was able to find a price for it at Xoxide for $32.99, but like most places they are currently out of stock.  At $32.99 this kit is a real steal!  Overall ThinkComputers gives the NZXT Hue RGB LED Controller a 10 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

rating10 10 small TC award recommended small

– Very long LED strip
– 3M backing tape makes installation easy
– 3 LED’s in each module makes color blending possible
– Different flashing and pulsing modes
– Price

– None that I found

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