High Power Astro PT 700W Power Supply Review

High Power may not be a name that rings any bells for you, and understandably; they’ve only been around under their current moniker since 2008. However, High Power has been manufacturing power supplies since 1996, under the name Sirfa. Sirfa have supplied units to many manufacturers including LEPA, Enermax, and Thermaltake – notably Enermax’s NaXn, and Thermaltake’s Toughpower Grand. They were the first to market a 1000W+ PSU with a Gold rating in 2009, and in 2010 they were also the first to market with a 1000W+ PSU with a Platinum rating.

Powering our test rig today is one of High Powers 80PLUS Platinum units, the Astro PT. The Astro PT is a semi-modular power supply rated at 700W, has an all-digital power delivery mechanism, flat ribbon-style modular cables, and a special LED bar on the rear of the unit that will display the units load and efficiency in real-time, which High Power have dubbed the “Eagle Eye.” You may recognize this particular model if you follow trade shows, as at this year’s Computex it took home the Design and Innovation Award.

Special thanks to High Power for providing us with the Astro PT 700W Power Supply for review today!

The Astro PT comes in a pretty attractive box overall. A window in the middle of the box allows you to see the power supply itself, and this area is accented by a slightly darkened silver, representing the platinum rating of this particular unit. The rest of the front is black, with company and product names, as well as badges for 80PLUS Platinum Certification, High Powers D-VRM, and the Eagle Eye Power Meter.

High Power Astro PT 700W Power Supply

On the rear of the box you’re presented with a collection of graphs and information. Tables for the units specification and also an output graph are smaller and on the left. The overwhelming majority of the box here is taken up by information and graphs of High Power’s D-VRM Technology, the Eagle Eye, and also the Intelligent Fan Control system.

High Power Astro PT 700W Power Supply

Inside the box you have the power supply itself, a zipped modular cable bag, a small resealable bag containing mounting screws and a case badge, and finally a small instruction manual.

High Power Astro PT 700W Power Supply

To give you a better idea of the box and its contents, check out our unboxing video below!