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High Power Astro PT 700W Power Supply Review

Powering our test rig today is one of High Powers 80PLUS Platinum units, the Astro PT. The Astro PT is a semi-modular power supply rated at 700W, has an all-digital power delivery mechanism, flat ribbon-style modular cables, and a special LED bar on the rear of the unit that will display the units load and efficiency in real-time, which High Power have dubbed the “Eagle Eye.” You may recognize this particular model if you follow trade shows, as at this year's Computex it took home the Design and Innovation Award.

Power SuppliesReviews

FSP Power Mod 700W Modular Power Supply Review

FSP Group is a little known name to most enthusiasts, primarily because the company has only recently put its own name on its products. Founded in 1993 in Taiwan, FSP has been operating for years as an ODM, supplying OEMs with units for consumer computers or supplying more well-known companies with units to be rebadged and sold, including power supplies from Antec, Sparkle Power, OCZ, Nexus and Zalman. Its own line of Fortron Source was popular, as well. Notably, FSP designed the first fanless power supply and was one of the first to have an 80% efficient model. ThinkComputers received the 700W version of the Power Mod series.

Power SuppliesReviews

OCZ Fatal1ty Series 700W Power Supply Review

Jonathan Wendell, better known by his gaming handle "Fatal1ty," came to fame in the gaming world after winning many well-known video game tournaments. With his success came sponsorships and eventually his own brand of computer parts and gaming supplies. OCZ produces Fatal1ty-brand RAM and has now produced a Fatal1ty-brand, non-modular, 700W power supply unit. ThinkComputers checks it out in this review.

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