Orico Releases SDK25-U3 Colorful 2.5-inch USB 3.0 Drive Enclosures

Large storage space, speedy performance and good appearance are highly in demand when it comes to any sort of gadget or peripheral device and Orico has set out to satisfy its customers with its official release of the SDK25-U3 line of colorful 2.5-inch USB 3.0 drive enclosures. The basic idea behind these enclosures is to let the drive communicate with the system via a simple USB 3.0 connection. One part of the enclosure slides off and can house any 2.5 inch drive with a 9 mm thickness; this is compatible with all SATA drives (HDDs or SSDs). The customers can purchase the enclosures empty, meaning that they will have to insert their own drives inside or they can purchase the enclosure along with the 1 TB HDD which has been pre-installed by Orico.


The attractive series of the enclosures, which are high on aesthetics, are available in different colors thus providing a variety for users to make their choice from. All sides of the enclosure are matte black with only the front surface in a matte color; yellow, silver, red and blue.


No information has yet been given on the speed of the internal drive but the host connectivity is 5 GB/sec from the USB 3.0 SuperSpeed. This host connectivity and power both are transferred through the single connection provided by the USB. With no installation worries, the encasing is easy to use and gets a high score on user friendliness.

Source: Expreview | News Archive