Patriot Intel Extreme Masters DDR3-2133 16GB Memory Kit Review

Final Thoughts
Patriot has definitely put together some great kits to coincide with the Intel Extreme Masters gaming tournament.  Besides just being the official memory sponsor of the tournament Patriot has designed this memory to not only perform well, but look good doing it.  This memory has to be some of the sleekest and most stylish memory that I have seen.  This is made possible by the heatspreaders, which have the same design as Patriot’s Viper 3 series, but Patriot gave them a very nice metallic blue finish.  These modules will look good in any system.

As far as performance goes they match up pretty well against many of the other modules we are tested in the past, although I would have liked to see tighter timings.  As far as overclocking goes when you get past 2133MHz it is really hard to get much out of this memory, but I was able to get them up to 2197MHz with the same 11-11-11-27 timings.  I have been able to get other DDR3-2133 memory much higher.  So I was a little disappointed with the overclocking potential of this memory.

Getting the memory installed is very easy and just like any other memory out there.  The heatspreaders are a bit larger than most so you might want to take that into consideration.  Once you have your memory installed just go into the BIOS and select the XMP profile and it will set all of the necessary settings for you, it really is just that easy.

A 16GB kit of this memory sells for $104.99 at my favorite retailer and Patriot backs this memory with a lifetime warranty.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the Patriot Intel Extreme Masters DDR3-2133 16GB Memory Kit an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10 small

– Sleek and stylish design
– Good overall performance
– XMP certified
– Low voltage of 1.5v

– Could have had better stock timings
– Not a lot of overclocking potential

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