Patriot Memory Unveils the Viper PV553 M.2 2280 PCIe Gen 5 x4 SSD Series

Patriot Memory, a leading manufacturer of high-performance enthusiast memory modules, SSDs, flash storage, and gaming peripherals, proudly introduces the Viper PV553 M.2 2280 PCIe Gen 5 x4 SSD. This groundbreaking SSD is designed with the core idea of delivering next-gen performance, featuring an innovative active cooling system.

Patriot Viper PV553

The PV553 introduces a revolutionary cooling solution as Patriot’s first SSD with a blower fan design. Patriot Memory’s cutting-edge advancements ensure active thermal dissipation, providing consistent cooling even during extended usage for intense gaming sessions. Crafted with premium materials and a slim 16.5 mm aluminium heat shield, the PV553 incorporates an embedded thermal sensor, guaranteeing unwavering high performance. With a 5-year warranty, this SSD exemplifies quality and reliability.

Patriot Viper PV553

Engineered with innovation, the PV553 boasts a PCIe Gen 5 x4 controller and 232-layer TLC NAND, fully compliant with NVMe 2.0 specs. Equipped with an efficient cooling heat shield, the PV553 stands out for its exceptional performance, achieving read/write speeds of up to 12,400 MB/s and 11,800 MB/s, ensuring an unparalleled gaming and content creation experience.

Addressing overheating challenges, the PV553 employs a groundbreaking cooling solution—an integrated fan tailored for Gen 5 SSDs. Initiating a heat exchange process, the fan pulls in cool air, directing it toward aluminium fins, resulting in an impressive 40% reduction in heat. Beyond mere cooling, the PV553 stands as a triumphant achievement, setting it apart in the SSD landscape.

Patriot Viper PV553

Elevate your performance with the Viper PV553 Gen 5 x4 SSD. Featuring a dual-side high-conductivity thermal pad, it ensures efficient heat transfer to stacked fins, delivering the thrill of next-gen storage performance by seamlessly combining PCIe Gen 5 controller technology with cutting-edge 3D NAND flash.

The Viper PV553 Gen 55 x4 SSD guarantees built-in data security and error-correction capabilities, extending NAND flash storage endurance. With advanced wear-leveling and automatic error correction functions, it ensures consistent performance, even with prolonged use.

Backed by a comprehensive five-year global warranty, the PV553 provides a worry-free experience, ideal for gaming, video editing, 3D rendering, and demanding content creation. The PV553 is your assurance of unparalleled performance, reliability, and peace of mind for enthusiasts.

Via Patriot Memory

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