PC Rejuvenation Guide

Third Party Software
Registry Cleaning
Your registry is your computers “backbone”, containing a set of values for almost every action your computer can take. When you install software or change a setting, it changes, or perhaps creates a new entry in the Registry.

When you render a Registry setting useless, either by software uninstallation or via other means like settings changes, the Registry is supposed to delete these useless entries. Sometimes, however, this doesn’t happen. Although these Registry entries no longer do anything, your computer will still read them and attempt to act upon them. This takes computational power, and of course, if you have a ton of them sitting there, can cause unnecessary slowdown.

First, get a Registry cleaner. I recommend Eusing, as it is extremely effective, and has a very small footprint.


Scan your registry using the tool, and then click “Repair registry issues.” Let the tool do the rest!
It’s worth noting that some registry entries will be locked by the system, so it may not be possible to have Eusing fix every erroneous entry, but it’ll fix the very vast majority.

Spyware Removal
Spyware & Malware are often small pieces of software that can get downloaded onto your computer as you browse the internet. The aim of spyware is to monitor your internet usage, and then the information they obtain is used by advertisers to deliver ads based on your internet usage. Malware is different, and can be anything from a keylogger that will record your key presses (with the aim of getting access to your password-protected data), or to even damage your system.

The best defense against Spyware and Malware is vigilance. Making sure you don’t click things that could potentially harbor malicious code online, but if you do fall victim and your system ends up infected with spyware or even malicious software (viruses), there are ways to combat them.

I run two anti-malware software suites side by side, though it’s likely you’ll only need to use one.
I recommend Malwarebytes, and Spybot: Search & Destroy. These programs will scan your machine for infections, and then at your command, fix them.


If you do install one of these packages, remember to make sure to keep the database up-to-date and do frequent scans to remove any new infections, should they arise.