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AMD RX Vega 3DMark 11 Score Leaked – Better Performance Than GTX 1080

There has finally been a legitimate 3DMark entry for AMD's upcoming RX Vega graphics card. This particular entry comes from a reference RX Vega board, with the code-name of 687F:C1. Not only does this database entry give show us what we can expect from AMD's upcoming high-end graphics offerings, but also info on the specifications of the card.

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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 3DMark Scores Revealed

It looks like someone was able to get their hands on a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti ahead of its launch. The card appears to be a full retail sample in the box. The user was able to get the card up and running using the supplied drivers on the DVD and a system running a Core i7-4770K. The card was run through both the 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra (DirectX 11) and 3DMark Time Spy (DirectX 12) benchmarks.

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Possible R9 480X 3DMark 11 Scores Leaked

We really have not heard much when it comes to performance of AMD's upcoming Polaris GPUs. The only real concrete thing is that AMD is targeting the mainstream segment of the market. We have also heard that Polaris 10 will be the R9 480(X), but performance numbers put it all over the place. Well today we have performance numbers of what might be Polaris 10.

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