Intel Lunar Lake Expected To Feature A Brand New CPU Architecture

Intel is developing an entirely new CPU architecture for its next-generation Lunar Lake processor line. Intel’s Lunar Lake chips include a brand-new CPU architecture that focuses on delivering significant performance-per-watt improvements for mobile devices.

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Dr. Ian Cutress of TechTechPotato reveals in a tweet that Intel has disclosed new information on its upcoming client family, named Lunar Lake. The Lunar Lake CPUs are projected to launch after Arrow Lake, which comes after Meteor Lake, Raptor Lake’s successor and upgrade for 2023.

Michelle Johnston Holthaus, EVP & GM of CCG (Client Computing Group) of Intel, has claimed that the Lunar Lake series would have a completely new architecture and design. The design will primarily focus on delivering significant performance per watt increases in the mobile space, and further details are scheduled to be revealed on the Financial Day of January 26th, when Chipzilla announces its Q4 results.

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The Lunar Lake series is first aimed at the 15W low-power mobile CPU market; Intel said during a presentation last year. Due to the multi-tiled nature of the chip design, the CPU will use a process technology at the sub-20A node, while other IPs will use a process technology from an external foundry. Intel offers the most recent and finest advancements, such as Foveros packaging (25um pitch).

Now, noting that these chips are geared for mobile does not necessarily indicate that they will not launch on the desktop platform, but with rumors suggesting that Intel may divert its Meteor Lake processors away from desktops and perform a type of interim refresh on the platform, it may not be too far-fetched to suppose so. If the Lunar Lake CPUs are truly manufactured and created using the 18A technology, then we may expect manufacturing to begin in the second half of 2024, which would place the launch in early to mid-2025.

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